About us
Who we are

We are an IT Support company that provides technical support to small and medium sized companies who don’t have the knowledge or time to deal with IT matters themselves or do not have a dedicated IT department. We also bring extra manpower and experience to those that do.


We manage and maintain networks and IT systems that range from 2 to 250 users and provide advice on new technologies. We have a team of dedicated engineers who respond quickly to any request, can connect into your systems remotely or, if something goes badly wrong arrive at your premises quickly. If you prefer we can speak with you at the end of a phone if you have a question.

What we do

We can deal with every aspect of your company’s IT requirements, whether you need to buy a new printer, need help with software or are looking to upgrade your server. Maybe you’re worried about the security of your network and the Data contained within it, we can deal with that too. We give impartial advice on a wide range of products and as we are independent, you get the best choice of new technologies without the pressure to buy something you don’t need.


Once you are registered as a customer we can provide a technical support service that is manned 24/7 giving you the peace of mind to call us whenever you need to, which could be in the middle of the night, or the early shift if you get the short straw!

Maybe you don’t know what you want, but need technology to help your businesses grow or maybe you currently use a company like us but feel you are not getting the advice you need or the attention and service that you deserve. To find out more about how we can help your business. Please visit our services section

How we do it

Let’s say you have a problem. You can log it on our online support system or, if you prefer, we are at the end of the phone when you need to call. No menus and no queues just people passionate about their work and dedicated to helping you get the results you want.


We can monitor your network, servers and PCs remotely so when a problem arises, generally, we know about it before you do and we can get to work immediately without causing you disruption. By accessing your systems remotely through a secure encrypted connection to investigate the cause of the problem we can, in most cases, resolve the issue there and then.

We can have engineers with you within a very short space of time to carry out support and maintenance work to resolve problems that you have, giving you the peace of mind that the situation is being dealt with effectively and efficiently.

Every six months we carry out preventative maintenance and health checks on all your equipment, which may include software updates and performance tests so that you continue to get the very best out of your equipment and can rely on your systems to serve your business well.